Help your neighbours, friends and coworkers make their move.

Choose Your Small Act

Donate your old bike

Free up space in your shed and help overcome poverty at the same time

Is your old bike collecting dust? Donate it! Cycling co-operatives are rolling out across the province. Volunteers will tune up your old bike and give it to someone who could use the ride. Interested in helping out? Join as a volunteer!

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Sign up with your community’s ride-sharing program

Environmentally friendly and more fun than riding alone

Community ride-sharing programs are looking for volunteers right now . Whether you start a new work carpool or donate time or money, this is a fun way to get where you need to be and help reduce pollution. Get on board!

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Give a neighbour, friend, or coworker a lift

Help build your community, one casual rideshare at a time

If you own a car, help someone who doesn’t! Whether driving a senior to an appointment or giving your neighbour a lift, every ride counts.

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“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.”
– H.G. Wells