Promoting literacy and reading is a small but powerful way to help fight poverty in your community.

Choose Your Small Act

Share a story with a child

Storytime gives kids an early head start

Volunteer with Elementary Literacy Inc. and become a reading mentor to an emerging reader in your community. Read a book aloud to a child in your family or social network. Donate to the New Brunswick Public Libraries Foundation and help support the purchase of kids books in your neighbourhood.

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Check out what’s new at your local library

Libraries are a treasure trove of free events, workshops and programs

Join or start a book club, using toolkits and popular books available at your library. Check out the fantastic family-friendly events and gatherings already underway in your own backyard, donate your favourite book, or volunteer to help deliver programs or books to people in your area.

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Build a "Little Free Library" in your neighbourhood

Bring this charming global phenomenon to your block

Build a Little Free Library — a sheltered box attached to a post, tree or fence in your neighbourhood that provides a safe home for books — and promote your family’s love of books while adding a pop of colour to your street . These are appearing across New Brunswick start building yours today!

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"A book is a dream that you hold in your hand."
– Neil Gaiman