Access to healthy, affordable food helps communities grow strong and self-sufficient.

Choose Your Small Act

Cook a meal with a child

Help spark a young person’s appetite for healthy, whole foods

Find a kid-friendly recipe, assemble your ingredients, and get cooking! Whether they’re chopping, mixing or just making a mess, kids who are comfortable in the kitchen will choose better foods, feel connected to what they’re eating, and make healthier choices down the road.

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Join a collective kitchen, food box or bulk-buying program

When it comes to local food, there’s strength in numbers

Fruits, veggies, cheese, meat — all grown or produced in New Brunswick — are only one click or phone call away. Your family can sign up for Community Supported Agriculture, join a bulk-buying program or collective kitchen, or get a box of fresh food delivered right to your door.

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Grow your own food

Plant a seed for delicious food year-round

Eating local is as simple as starting a sprout jar on your countertop or planting herbs and greens that will jazz up your meals throughout the wintertime. Eager to start growing outside? Contact your local community garden to reserve your plot now. Start eating better and save money right now.

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"There is no love sincerer than the love of food."
– George Bernard Shaw