How Small Acts Help Us Overcome Poverty Together

Why this groundbreaking social and
economic initiative matters

Overcoming Poverty: Essemble Together

The vision

Everyone deserves to live in dignity, security and good health. By targeting specific challenges — including literacy, food security and transportation — we can reduce poverty in New Brunswick.

By joining one of the many fun community-building programs that already exist in your own backyard, you can help reduce poverty and have a big impact, one small act at a time. That’s part of how we can overcome poverty together.

The origin

Since 2009, Overcoming Poverty Together, an ambitious plan by citizens, businesses, nonprofits, and government supported by the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation (ESIC), has helped thousands of New Brunswick families.

After an enormous and inspiring public engagement process, the Overcoming Poverty Together plan is a roadmap for building and sustaining resilient community-level programs across the province. Over the past five years, there have been major grassroots changes.

And there’s more to be done.

One Small Act at a Time

You can help reduce poverty and have a big impact, one small act at a time.


Poverty is a major challenge facing New Brunswickers today.

Nearly 10 per cent of our neighbours, coworkers and friends live in poverty, including:

• 50% of single moms;
• 20% of children; and
• 10% of seniors.

First Nations people, those with disabilities and new Canadians are particularly affected.

Realizing the potential of supporting and integrating every single person in our society — economic and social inclusion — is a powerful way to reconsider how we as a province can succeed. When we support those who are struggling the most, we improve the wellbeing of everyone in our communities. By giving all New Brunswickers equal opportunities, we improve the outlook for the entire province.

What’s already happening in your community

Some of our large-scale projects, like Healthy Smiles, Clear Vision, are already rolling out across the province. We’ve created improved access to medical benefits for those moving from social assistance to employment and changed laws to protect roomers and boarders. We’re helping struggling New Brunswickers with income tax returns and providing families with free money for education.

Still, many of our most ambitious projects are powered from the bottom-up.

Across the province, 12 Community Inclusion Networks — regional groups dedicated to grassroots economic and social inclusion — have taken the lead on more than 400 projects supported by close to $5 million, with more than 80,000 participating New Brunswickers.

Communities across the province are rallying, and for every $1 invested by ESIC, they have contributed nearly $4. This is an incredible ongoing achievement and should be celebrated.

Now we want you to be a part of the bigger picture.

Equal Opportunities for All New Brunswickers

By giving all New Brunswickers equal opportunities, we improve the outlook for the entire province.

Overcoming poverty starts with your small act

Your act can be as simple as driving a neighbour to an appointment, preparing a meal, or reading to a child. Maybe it’s as easy as buying local produce or creating a Little Free Library.

No matter what you decide to contribute and share, you’ll be helping to promote awareness and understanding of Overcoming Poverty Together in your community.

Share your small act

One small act can transform this challenge into a bright opportunity. By posting your small act and sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you’ll be joining thousands of New Brunswickers in helping to overcome poverty.

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